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My name is Jenna Winters. For years, I have known that it is my social responsibility to preserve this story as well as share it with a larger audience. I’m not just the director of this film, but a lifelong witness. I have watched this innovative artist share his story over the years with audiences of all backgrounds – from disabled veterans, to schoolchildren and everyone in between. Somehow the story always transcends the boundaries that typically divide us as a society. Audiences of all ages and walks of life are almost always inspired to chase their own dreams after learning about the Michael Naranjo's life. 

I am very familiar with the power of Michael Naranjo’s narrative because he is my father.  I’ve watched the way his life and his sculptures inspire people.  When new admirers encounter my father’s work, they are almost always shocked to learn he is blind. When old admirers encounter new pieces my father created they are most often left in awe of his tenacity and ability to continue to create. I hope to leave the same sentiments with viewers of this film who are both familiar with my father’s story and those who aren’t. I believe film is the best medium to achieve this goal. At a young age, I was inspired to become a journalist after reporters regularly visited my family’s home to learn more about my dad and share his story with their audiences. I’ve spent my life working as a journalist and television producer in hopes of gaining enough skill to commence this project. Alongside a carefully selected team of photographers, I will serve as director and producer and I want to complete this project while my father is alive and working. While it has been a great honor for my father to share his story with reporters and journalists all over the world, I would like to take my turn telling this story because I’d like to reveal some of the deeper secrets and emotions my father has omitted from previous interviews. I truly need your help. Please consider supporting this project with a tax deductible donation to this project. Thank you!

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Me and my dad. A hat. A harmonica. Happiness.

Me and my dad. A hat. A harmonica. Happiness.