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About this film

Over the course of a feature-length documentary, Dream Touch Believe explores the life and creative work of blind, Native American sculptor, Michael Naranjo. On a journey of highs and lows, intertwined with sublime visual imagery, viewers uncover the challenges Naranjo fought past to succeed in his dream of becoming an artist. The film is to be directed and produced by Naranjo's daughter, Jenna Winters, a successful television producer and journalist.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. This film is in pre-production. Jenna and her team are actively seeking grants and tax deductible donations in an effort to fund this project. To date, Jenna has raised close to $50,000 with the help of private donors and supporters. To start field production, she must raise an additional $70,000. It is her goal to finish field production as soon as possible. Michael Naranjo is at the pinnacle of his career and is creating some of his best works to date. Jenna wants to capture her father's legacy on film while she still can. After field production is complete, Jenna will continue to seek additional funds to complete post-production on this project. 

Jenna believes our world is in need of inspirational stories now more than ever. She knows that sharing this story is her social obligation. Michael Naranjo’s story is both relevant and inspirational on multiple levels. Not only is this an inspirational story about the power of human achievement and persistence. It reminds us to find hope in even the darkest situations. Ultimately, this film urges viewers to question their own abilities and perceived “weaknesses.” It urges viewers to believe in their dreams. 

 When complete, Jenna intends to share this film with veteran's groups, school groups, people in underserved communities and anyone with a dream. 

Please browse this website to learn more about the amazing life of Michael Naranjo and please consider making  a tax deductible contribution to help fund this very important project

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